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Animals, Farm/Domestic     Table

Angus Bull - Biggar, Saskatchewan
Angus Bull - Ste. Rose du Lac, Manitoba
Big Ben and Ian Miller - Perth, Ontario
Big Bruce the Bull - Chesley, Ontario
"Blowhard" The Bony Horse - Penobsquis, New Brunswick
Brown Bull - Brandon, Manitoba
Bucking Brahma Bull - Brownvale, Alberta
Bucking Horse and Rider - Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Bug-Eyed Cow - Medicine Hat, Alberta
Bull - Coaticook, Quebec
Bull - Edmonton, Alberta
Bull - Edmonton, Alberta

Bull - Gilbert Plains, Manitoba
Bull - Grunthal, Manitoba
Bull - Russell, Manitoba
Bull - Ste. Rose, Manitoba Archive
Bulldog - New Hamburg, Ontario Archive
Bulldog - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Buttercup the Cow and Daisy the Calf - Sussex, New Brunswick
Camel - Love, Saskatchewan
Camel - Port Perry, Ontario
Cat on a Chair on a Pole - Toronto, Ontario
Central Meats Bull - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Charolais Bull - Irvine, Alberta
Cow - Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec
Cow - Cavendish, Prince Edward Island
Cow - Sunshine, Ontario
Cow Lookout - St-Georges-de-Windsor, Quebec
Dairy Cow - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Dave's Goat Walk - Armstrong, British Columbia
Dogs - Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre, Quebec
Egli's Sheep - Minnitaki, Ontario
Farmer Dog - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Francis the Pig - Red Deer, Alberta
Holstein - La Broquerie, Manitoba
Home Hardware Dog - Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
Horse - Calgary, Alberta
Horse - Cochrane, Alberta Archive
Horse - Irricana, Alberta
Horse - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Horse - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Horse and Chuckwagon Ponoka, Alberta
Horse and Wagon - Dundurn, Saskatchewan
Horse and Sleigh - Massey, Ontario
Husky Dog - Les-Chutes-de-la-Chaudiere, Quebec
Husky - McBride, British Columbia
Iron Horse - Lacombe, Alberta
Isaac the Ox - Oak Lake, Manitoba
Large Cow - Charlettetown, Prince Edward Island
Large Pig - Shakespeare, Ontario
Mailbox Cow - Smithville, Ontario
Mohawk Horse - Massey, Ontario
Ms Claybelt the Cow - Temiskaming Shores, Ontario
Outlaw the Bull - Calgary, Alberta
Pants Down Pig - Cambridge Narrows, New Brunswick
Quarter Horse - Vermillion, Alberta

Racing Horse - Coronach, Saskatchewan
Radke Bull - Medicine Hat, Alberta
Red Bull - Radisson, Saskatchewan
Roof horse - Vegreville, Alberta
Sara the Camel - Glenboro, Manitoba
Springbank Snow Countess - Holstein Cow - Woodstock, Ontario
Stallion - Temple, New Brunswick
Steer - Kingston, Nova Scotia
The Big Moo - Sylvan Lake, Alberta
"The Legacy" - The World's Largest Bucking Saddle Bronc and Rider - Ponoka, Alberta
The White Horse - St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba
Three Cows - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
When Pigs Fly - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Wire Horse - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
White Bull - Brandon, Manitoba
World's Largest Pig (maybe) - Englefeld, Saskatchewan

Animals, Mythical/Extinct    

Albertosaurus - Patricia, Alberta
Babe the Blue Ox and Paul Bunyan - Blind River, Ontario Archive
Bigfoot - Creston, British Columbia Archive
Bigfoot - Vermilion Bay, Ontario
Brontosaurus - Drumheller, Alberta
Brontosaurus - Millgrove Park, Ontario
Brontosaurus - Sudbury, Ontario
CadboroSaurus - Victoria, British Columbia
Camarasaurus - Drumheller, Alberta
Cressie the Crescent Lake Monster - Roberts Arm, Newfoundland and Labrador
Dala Horse - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dinosaur - Armstrong, British Columbia
Dinosaur - Bow Island, Alberta
Dinosaur - Breslau, Ontario
Dinosaur - Herschel, Saskatchewan
Dinosaur - Mattice, Ontario Archive
Dinosaur - Milk River, Alberta
Dinosaur - Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan
Dinosaur - Parrsboro, Nova Scotia
Dinosaur - Ragueneau, Quebec
Dinosaur - Rosedale, Alberta
Dragon 1 - Spring Lake, Alberta
Dragon 2 - Spring Lake, Alberta
Dragon Skull - Sudbury, Ontario
Helmet Lizard - Brooks, Alberta
King Kong - Calgary, Alberta 
Mammoth - Dawson City, Yukon
Mammoth Family - Whitehorse, Yukon
Mastodon - Stewiacke, Nova Scotia
Metal Dinosaur - Slocan, British Columbia
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse - Brockville, Ontario
Mo the Dinosaur - Ponteix, Saskatchewan
Mussie of Muskrat Lake - Cobden, Ontario
Ogopogo - Kelowna, British Columbia
Ogo-Pogo - Ste. Rose du Lac, Manitoba
Phoenix - Greenwood, British Columbia
Pipesaurus - Harrow, Ontario
Pterodactyl - Regina, Saskatchewan
Recycled Dinosaur - Vancouver, British Columbia
Saber Tooth Tiger - Martinsville, Saskatchewan
Sasquatch - Creston, British Columbia
Sasquatch - Osoyoos, British Columbia
Sasquatch on a Bench - Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia
Sasquatch on a Log Bench - Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia
Smokey Bear - Revelstoke, British Columbia
T-Rex - Mattice, Ontario
T-Rex - Millgrove Park, Ontario

T-Rex - Vaughan, Ontario
Triceratops - Drumheller, Alberta
Wally the Wooly Mammoth - Kyle, Saskatchewan
Waynedeer - Quadra Island, British Columbia
Winnie The Pooh - White River, Ontario
World's Largest Dinosaur - Drumheller, Alberta
Yogi Bear - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Yogi Bear - Woodstock, New Brunswick

Animals, Wild    

Antlers - Gorlitz, Saskatchewan
Bear - Boissevain, Manitoba
Bear - Creston, British Columbia
Bear - Fort Assiniboine, Alberta
Bear - Fort St. John, British Columbia
Bear - Hell's Gate, British Columbia
Bear - Kitimat, British Columbia
Bear - Manning Park, British Columbia
Bear Sign - Manning Park - British Columbia
Bear - Plaster Rock, New Brunswick
Bear - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Bear - Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia
Bear and Fish - Gravenhurst, Ontario
Bear and Fish - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Bear and Moose - Rocksville, Ontario
Bear and Tiger - Deacon, Manitoba
Bear Family - Maynooth, Ontario
Bear Sign - Fort Nelson, British Columbia
Bears - Altona, Manitoba
Bears - Calgary, Alberta
Bears - Columbia Icefield, Alberta
Bears - Chetwynd, British Columbia
Bears - Hornepayne, Ontario
Bears - McBride, British Columbia
Beaver - Castor, Alberta
Beaver - Castor, Alberta Archive
Amisk (Beaver) - Dauphin, Manitoba
Beaver and Moose in a Canoe - Waasis, New Brunswick
Big Blue the Bear - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Big Horn Sheep - Edson, Alberta
Big Horn Sheep - Fort Nelson, British Columbia
Big Horn Sheep - Jasper, Alberta
Big Horn Sheep - Salmo, British Columbia
Biker Bear - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Bison - St. Andrew, Manitoba
Black Bear - Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Black Bear - Canmore, Alberta

Black Bear - Kapuskasing, Ontario
Black Bear - Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Black Bear - Nordegg, Alberta
Black Bear - Parry Sound, Ontario
Black Bears - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Blue Bear - Kelowna, British Columbia
Bobcat - Leader, Saskatchewan
Brick Rabbit - Red Deer, Alberta
Bruce the Moose - Doaktown, New Brunswick
Bruce the Moose - Moose Lake, Ontario
Buckhorn Buck - Buckhorn, Ontario
Buffalo - Borden, Saskatchewan
Buffalo - Brandon, Manitoba
Buffalo - Fort McMurray, Alberta
Buffalo - Gleichen, Alberta
Buffalo - Grunthal, Manitoba
Buffalo - Melville, Saskatchewan Archive
Buffalo - North Battleford, Saskatchewan
Buffalo - Swift Current, SaskatchewanArchive
Buffalo - Wainwright, Alberta
Buffalo - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Caribou - Carcross, Yukon
Caribou - Osoyoos, British Columbia
Caribou and Moose - Teslin, Yukon
Chimo the Polar Bear - Cochrane, Ontario
Clem T. GoFur - Torrington, Alberta
Cougar - Osoyoos, British Columbia
Cougar - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Cougars - Hope, British Columbia
Deer - Plaster Rock, New Brunswick
Deer - St. Malo, Manitoba
Deer - Wingham, Ontario
Diving Moose - Toronto, OntarioArchive
Duelling Deer - Serpent River, Ontario
Eddie the Squirrel, Edson, Alberta
Ed the Elephant - Cranbrook, British Columbia
Elephants - Beamsville, Ontario
Elk - Beamsville, Ontario
Elk - Onanole, Manitoba
Elk - Vegreville, Alberta
Encased Buffalo - Mundare, Alberta
Female Grizzly Bear and Cub - Revelstoke, British Columbia
Fighting Bears - Blue River, British Columbia
Fishing Bear - Ottawa, Ontario
Fishing Bears - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Gainer the Gopher - Avonlea, Saskatchewan
Gorilla - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Grizzly Bear - Blue River, British Columbia
Grizzly Bear - Bonnyville, Alberta
Grizzly Bear - Canmore, Alberta
Grizzly Bear - Hinton, Alberta
Grizzly Bear - Jasper, Alberta
Grizzly Bear - Lloydminster, Alberta
Grizzly Bear  - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Grizzly Bear - Sorrento, British Columbia
Grizzly Bears - Banff National Park, Alberta
Grizzly Bears - Golden, British Columbia
Grizzly Bears - Hope, British Columbia
Grizzly Head - Kingston, Ontario
Gopher - Eston, Saskatchewan
Groundhog - Fauquier - Ontario
Hanson Buck - Biggar, Saskatchewan
Giant Moose Antler Display - Upsula, Ontario Archive
Giraffe - St. Catherines, Ontario
Jasper the Bear (2) - Jasper, Alberta
Jasper the Bear (New) - Jasper, Alberta
Jasper the Bear (Old) - Jasper, Alberta Archive
Jerry the Moose - Clearwater, British Columbia
Jumping Deer - Osoyoos, British Columbia
Jumbo the Elephant - St. Thomas, Ontario
Junk Yard Bear - Cranbrook, British Columbia

King Buck - Poplarfield, Manitoba
Large Pig - Shakespeare, Ontario
Lion - Plaster Rock, New Brunswick
Mac the Moose - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Max the Moose - Dryden, Ontario
Male Grizzly Bear - Revelstoke, British Columbia
Metal Buffalo - Calgary, Alberta
Metal Buffalo - Melville, Saskatchewan
Metal Buffalo  Tugaske, Saskatchewan
Millennium Moose - Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan
Mistahya Bear - Banff, Alberta
Moose - Alma, New Brunswick
Moose - Cow Bay, Nova Scotia
Moose - Deer Lake, Newfoundland and Labrador
Moose - Goobies, Newfoundland and Labrador
Moose - Kitchener, Ontario
Moose - Manning, Alberta
Moose - Maynooth, Ontario
Moose - Massey, Ontario
Moose - Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Moose - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Moose (2) - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Moose - Osoyoos, British Columbia
Moose - Orangeville, Ontario
Moose - Riverton, Manitoba
Moose - Rowley, Alberta
Moose - Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre, Quebec
Moose - Saint John, New Brunswick
Moose - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Moose - Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario
Moose - Timmins, Ontario
Moose and Buffalo - Fort Erie, Ontario
Moose and Man - Sault Ste. Marie
Moose and Wolves- Hearst, Ontario
Moose Cow and Calf - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Moose Family - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Archive
Moose Herd - Durham, Ontario Archive
Mothering Bear - St. Albert, Alberta
Mountain Goat - Columbia Icefields, Alberta
Mountain Goat Sign - Golden Ears Park, British Columbia
Mountain Sheep - Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia
Mountie Moose - Toronto Ontario Archive
Mouse on a Fire Hydrant - Ignace, Ontario
Mule Deer - Kelowna British Columbia
Mule Deer - Leader, Saskatchewan
Nanookshuk - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ord's Kangaroo Rats - Leader, Saskatchewan
Oskana Ka-asasteki - Regina, Saskatchewan
Pack of Wolves - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Painted Bear - Prince George, British Columbia
Painted Bear (1) - Terrace, British Columbia
Painted Bear (2) - Terrace, British Columbia
Painted Buffalo - Point Albino, Ontario
Plains Grizzly Bear - Herschel, Saskatchewan
Polar Bear - Altona, Manitoba
Polar Bear - Cabri, Saskathewa Archive
Polar Bear - Churchill, Manitoba

Polar Bears - Churchill, Manitoba
Polar Bear - Regina, Saskatchewan
Polar Bear - Thunder Bay, Ontario
Polar Bear - Whitebear, Saskatchewan
Polar Bear - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Polar Bear and Snowman - St. Stephen, New Brunswick
Pronghorn Antelope - Cereal, Alberta
Pronghorn Antelope - Oyen, Alberta
Pronghorn Antelope and Wheat Stalks - Cabri, Saskatchewan
Quilly Willy the Porcupine - Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan
Rainy River Bob - The Beaver - Rainy River, Ontario
Rocky - The Big Horn Mountain Sheep - Grande Cache, Alberta
Roosevelt Elk - Strathcona Park, Britsh Columbia
Rusty the Elephant - Regina, Saskatchewan
Rusty the Moose - Invermere, British Columbia
Satellite Mouse - Biggar, Saskatchewan Archive
"Scottish" Buffalo - Edmonton, Alberta Archive
Squirt the Skunk - Beiseker, Alberta
Spirit Bear - Banff, Alberta
Spirit Bear - Grande Prairie, Alberta
Spirit Bear - Sooke, British Columbia
Stag - Osoyoos, British Columbia
Sweet Grass Bear - Grande Prairie, Alberta
Two Headed Buffalo - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Wauby the Moose - Waubaushene, Ontario
Wanuskewin Bison Run - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
White Fox - White Fox, Saskatchewan
Whitetail Deer - Manitowaning, Ontario
Whitetail Deer - Tantallon, Saskatchewan
Wiarton Willie - Wiarton, Ontario
Winnie the Bear - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Wire Buffalo - Aylesbury, Saskatchewan
Wire Buffalo - Balgonie, Saskatchewan

Wire Cougar - North Battleford, Saskatchewan
Wolf - Heyden, Ontario Archive
Wolf - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Wolf - Spiritwood, Saskatchewan
World's Largest Animated Grizzly Bear - Innisfail, Alberta
World's Largest Beaver - Beaverlodge, Alberta
World's Largest Silver Fox - Salisbury, New Brunswick


American Avocet - Chaplin, Saskatchewan
Animikii - Thunder Bay, Ontario
Bald Eagle - Coaldale, Alberta
Bald Eagle - Orono, Ontario
Bald Eagle - Thunder Bay, Ontario
Black Rooster - Castlegar, British Columbia
Blue Heron - Barrhead, Alberta
Blue Heron - French Lake, New Brunswick
Burrowing Owls - Leader, Saskatchewan
Cabrea the Snow Goose - Dunrea, Manitoba
Canada Geese - Regina, Saskatchewan
Canada Goose - Cudworth, Saskatchewan
Canada Goose 1 - Hanna, Alberta
Canada Goose 2 - Hanna, Alberta
Canada Goose 3 - Hanna, Alberta
Canada Goose - Kerrobert, Saskatchewan
Canada Goose - Kindersley, Saskatchewan
Canada Goose - Lundar, Manitoba
Canada Goose - Provost, Alberta
Canada Goose - Quill Lake, Saskatchewan
Canada Goose - Sault-au-Mouton, Quebec
Canada Goose - Wawa, Ontario
Canada Goose (2) - Wawa, Ontario
Canada Goose (3) - Wawa, Ontario
Canned Duck - Ardmore, Alberta
Canvas Back Duck - Minnedosa, Manitoba
Chicken - Port Maitland, Ontario
Chicken - Simcoe, Ontario
Crows - Bellevue, Alberta
Dove - Myrnam, Alberta
Dove of Peace - Edmonton, Alberta
Duck - Mississauga, Ontario
Eagle - Orangeville, Ontario
Eagle - Osoyoos, British Columbia
Eagle - Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
Eagle - Powassan, Ontario
Eagle - St. Catharines, Ontario
Eagle on Globe - Maple Creek, Saskatchewan
Female House Sparrow - Vancouver, British Columbia
Gander - Peterborough, Ontario
Giant Sparrow - Vancouver, British Columbia
Great Wise Owl - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Grey Owl - Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
Heron - Charlottetown, P. E. I.
Heron - Masset, British Columbia
Heron - Langruth, Manitoba
Heron's Landing - Nelson, British Columbia
Hummingbird - Middle Musqudobit, Nova Scotia
Large Chicken - Tweed, Ontario
Long Billed Curfew - Leader, Saskatchewan
Mallard Duck - Andrew, Alberta
Mallard Duck - Petersfield, Manitoba
Manitou the Bison - Earlton, Ontario
Metal Bird - Virgil, Ontario Archive
Old Abe - Eagle, Springfield, Manitoba
Owl - Saskatoon, Saskatchwan Archive
Pelican - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Penquin - Innisfree, Alberta
Piping Plover - Chaplin, Saskatchewan
Puffin - Aulds Cove, Nova Scotia
Puffin - Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, Quebec
Raven - Osoyoos, British Columbia
Red-Headed Woodpecker - Leader, Saskatchewan
Robin - Waasis, New Brunswick
Rooster - Airdrie, Alberta
Rooster - Calgary, Alberta
Rooster - Cambridge, Ontario
Rooster - Canmore, Alberta
Screaming Eagle - Osoyoos, British Columbia
Sea Gull - Gull Lake, Saskatchewan
Semipalmated Sandpiper - Dorchester, New Brunswick
Semipalmated Sandpipers - Sackville, New Brunswick
Sharptail Grouse - Ashern, Manitoba
Sharptail Grouse - Sheho, Saskatchewan
Snow Goose - Montmagny, Quebec
Sharptailed Grouse - Sheho, Saskatchewan
Spirit of the Hawk - West Hawk Lake, Manitoba
Strange Bird - Chippawa, Ontario
Swan - Swan River, Manitoba
Swan and Grizzley Bear - Swan Hills, Alberta
"The Odyssey" (Campbell's Soup Can and Pigeons) - Quebec City, Quebec
Threshold - St. Albert, Alberta
Trumpeter Swan - Grande Prairie, Alberta
Trumpeter Swan - Midland, Ontario
Vulture and Cactus - Osoyoos, British Columbia
Walter the Whooping Crane - Govan, Saskatchewan
Western Meadowlark, Prairie Rattlesnake and Prickly Pear Cactus - Leader Saskatchewan
Wild Turkey - La Riviere, Manitoba
Woodpecker Column - Toronto, Ontario
World's Largest Endangered Ferrugious Hawk - Leader, Saskatchewan
World's Largest Mallard Duck - Andrew, Alberta
World's Largest Rooster - Shediac, New Brunswick

Bottles, Cans, Cups...    

Bud Light Beer Can - Edmonton, Alberta Archive
Budweiser Can - Edmonton, Alberta
Champagne Bottle amd Glass - Kelowna, British Columbia
Coca Cola Mug - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Coke Bottle - Red Deer, Alberta
Corona Beer Bottle - Toronto, Ontario
Giant Bottle - Cap-Egmont, Prince Edward Island

Kokanee Beer Bottle and Glass - Creston, British Columbia
Labatt Blue Beer Can - Edmonton, Alberta Archive
Lilly Cup - Toronto, Ontario Archive
Milk Bottle - Edmonton, Alberta
Niagara's Best Blonde Beer Bottle - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Niagara's Best Lager Beer Bottle - Niagara Falls, Ontario Archive
World's Largest Coke Can - Portage La Prairie, Manitoba


Centennial Elevator Clock - Oyen, Alberta
Horse Clock (The Beast) - Maple Ridge, B.C.
Flower Clock, Beechwood, New Brunswick
Flower Sundial - Roblin, Manitoba
Floral Clock - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Pinawa Heritage Sundial - Pinawa, Manitoba
Sundial - Grande Prairie, Alberta
Sundial - Sudbury, Ontario
Sundial-Elevator - Sangudo, Alberta
World Largest Standing Cuckoo Clock - Kimberley, British Columbia
World's Largest Sundial - Lloydminster, Saskatchewan


Big Nickel - Sudbury, Ontario
Loon Dollar ("Loonie") - Echo Bay, Ontario
Gold Coin - Virginiatown, Ontario
Penny - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Penny - Salmo, British Columbia
Twoonie - Campbellford, Ontario
Twoonie(2) - Campbellford, Ontario
World's Largest Wooden Nickel - Boiestown, New Brunswick


Lobster - Abrams Village, Prince Edward Island
Lobster - Bedford, Nova Scotia
Lobster - Cavendish, Prince Edward Island
Lobster - Michael's Harbour - Newfoundland and Labrador
Lobster- Bedford, Nova Scotia
Lobster - St. Andrews-on-the-Sea - New Brunswick
Lobster in Trap - Aulds Cove, Nova Scotia
Sea Shell - Caraquet, New Brunswick
World's Largest Conch - Caraquet, New Brunswick
World's Largest Lobster - Shediac, New Brunswick

Fish, etc.   

Beluga - Tadoussac, Quebec
Belugas - Tadoussac, Quebec
Big Pink Fish - Victoria, British Columbia
Chuck the Channel Cat - Selkirk, Manitoba
Cutthroat Trout - Marysville Falls, British Columbia
Digital Orca - Vancouver, British Columbia
Dolphin Fountain - Kelowna, British Columbia
Dolphins - Waldheim, Saskatchewan
Fish (Waldo the Great) - Upsula, Ontario
Fish Head - Toronto, Ontario Archive
Giant Muskie - Gananoque, Ontario
Giant Squid - Glovers Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador
Husky the Muskie - Kenora, Ontario
Killer Whale - Vancouver, British Columbia
Killer Whale - Victoria, British Columbia
Lake Trout - Larder Lake, Ontario
Metal Fish - Carseland, Alberta
Metal Fish - St. Andrews, New Brunswick
Metal Whale - Tugaske, Saskatchewan
Muddy the Mudcat - Dunnville, Ontario
Northern Pike - Riverhurst, Saskatchewan
Octopus - Victoria, British Columbia
"Quota" The Perch - Port Stanley, Ontario
Salmon - Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland and Labrador
Salmon - Sandspit, British Columbia
Salmon - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Salmon - Sicamous, British Columbia
Salmon - Thessalon, Ontario Archive
Salmon - Hell's Gate, British Columbia
Sam - The World's Largest Atlantic Salmon - Campbellton, New Brunswick
Sea Turtle - Calgary, Alberta
Shark Head - Cavendish, Prince Edward Island
Spawning Salmon - Campbell River, British Columbia
Speckled Trout - Lantz, Nova Scotia
Speckled Trout - Westport, Ontario
Sturgeon - Leader, Saskatchewan
Sturgeon - Massey, Ontario
Sturgeon - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Trout - Chin, Alberta Archive
Trout - Kamloops, British Columbia
Trout - Nipigon, Ontario
Trout - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Tuna - Charlottetown, P. E. I.
Walleye - Lesser Slave Lake (Shaw's Point), Alberta
Walleye - Marten River, Ontario
Walleye (Pickeral) - Opasatika, Ontario
Whale - Gold River, British Columbia Archive
Whale - Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, Quebec
Whale - Matane, Quebec
Whale - Prince Rubert, British Columbia
Whale - Tadoussac, Quebec
Whale's Head - South Dildo, Newfoundland and Labrador Archive
Whale Jawbone - Twillingate, Newfoundland and Labrador
Whale Pelvic Bone - Alma, New Brunswick
World's Largest Sturgeon - Dominion City, Manitoba

Food, Ethnic    

Pysanka (Easter Egg) - Vegreville, Alberta
Ukrainian Sausage - Mundare, Alberta
World's Largest Pyrogy - Glendon, Alberta


Apple - Berwick, Nova Scotia
Apple - Brampton, Ontario
Apple - Kelowna, British Columbia
Apple - Kelowna, British Columbia
Apple - Kelowna, British Columbia
Apple - Tillsonburg, Ontario
Apple Stand - Aylmer, Ontario
The Big Apple - Colborne, Ontario
Apple and Peach Halves - Kelowna, British Columbia
Blueberry - St. George, New Brunswick
Chokecherry - Lancer, Saskatchewan
Eve's Apple - Windsor, Ontario
Giant Raspberries - Abbotsford, British Columbia
Orange Julep - Montreal, Quebec
Peach - Kelowna, British Columbia
Peach - Penticton, British Columbia
Peach and Pear Halves - Kelowna, British Columbia
Pear - Kelowna, British Columbia
Strawberry - Deer Lake, Newfoundland and Labrador
Strawberry - Jacket River, New Brunswick
Sunny the Banana and Breezy the Blue Jay - Melita, Manitoba
The Big Apple Tourist Information Booth - Meaford, Ontario
World's Largest Blueberry - Oxford, Nova Scotia


Adirondack Chair - Ancaster, Ontario
Adirondack Chair - Bethany, Ontario
Adirondack Chair - Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Adirondack Chair  - Cape Forchu Lightstation, Nova Scotia
Adirondack Chair - Denmark, Nova Scotia
Adirondack Chair - Durham, Ontario
Adirondack Chair - Exeter, Ontario
Adirondack Chair - Fort Erie, Ontario Archive
Adirondack Chair - Gunton, Manitoba
Adirondack Chair - Kitchener, Ontario
Adirondack Chair - Maitland, Nova Scotia
Adirondack Chair - Osoyoos, British Columbia
Adirondack Chair - Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Adirondack Chair - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Big Blue Chairs - Kincardine, Ontario
Big Chair - Hell's Gate, British Columbia
Big Chair - Springdale, Newfoundland and Labrador
Carved Bench - Chetwynd, British Columbia
Floating Chair - Coombs, British Columbia
Large Bed - Cambridge, Ontario Archive
Large Chair - Ghost Lake, Alberta
Large Chair and Side Table - La Bostonnais, Quebec
Large Chairs - Fenwick, Ontario
Large Purple Chair - Truro, Nova Scotia
Muskoka Chair - Cloyne, Ontario
Muskoka Chair - Crystal Beach, Ontario

Muskoka Chair - Gravenhurst, Ontario
Muskoka Chair - Huntsville, Ontario
Muskoka Chair - Moose Lake, Ontario
Muskoka Chair - South River
Northern Ontario's Largest Muskoka Chair - Thessalon, Ontario
Rocking Chair - Fowlers Corner, Ontario
Rocking Horse - Innisfil, Ontario
The Big Rocker - North York, Ontario Archive
The Chair - Langley, British Columbia
Wooden Chair - Jasper, Alberta
World's Largest Adirondack Chair - Varney, Ontario
World's Largest Muskoka Chair - Gravenhurst, Ontario Archive
World's Largest Muskoka Chair - Gravenhurst, Ontario


Bee Sign - Alvinston, Ontario
Beetle - Calgary, Alberta
Bug? - Revelstoke, British Columbia
Butterfly - Pierceland, Saskatchewan
Dragonfly - Cardiff, Ontario
Ladybug - Pierceland, Saskatchewan
Large Spider - Biggar, Saskatchewan
Maman - Spider - Ottawa, Ontario
May Fly - Gimli, Manitoba
Mosquito - Galahad, Alberta
  Mosquito - Komarno, Manitoba
Mosquito - Lakefield, Ontario Archive
Mosquito Carrying a Man - Upsala, Ontario
Mosquito on Studebaker Lark - Nolalu, Ontario
Mozzy the Mosquito - Rainbow Lake, Alberta
Preying Mantis - Chetwynd, British Columbia
Ralph the Grasshopper - Ogema, Saskatchewan
Reginald the Grasshopper - Regina, Saskatchewan
Spider - Pierceland, Saskatchewan
Spiderweb - Milner , British Columbia
Spider Car - Port Hope, Ontario
Volkswagen Spider - Kenora, Ontario
World's Largest Bee - Falher, Alberta
World's Largest Dragonfly - Wabamun, Alberta
World's Largest Grasshopper - Wilkie, Saskatchewan Archive
World's Largest Honeybee - Tisdale, Saskatchewan


Flying Saucer - Moonbeam, Ontario
Craft - Windsor, Ontario
Space Dock - Lac La Biche, Alberta
Starship FX6-1995-A - Vulcan, Alberta
U.F.O. Data Centre and Landing Pad - St. Paul, Alberta
Vulcan Tourist and Trek Station - Vulcan, Alberta

Miscellaneous    Table

Abby 3 Ferry Boat Replica/Restaurant - Borden-Carlton, Prince Edward Island
Acorns - Oak Bay, British Columbia
Agassiz Ice - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Aircraft Weathervane- Morinville, Alberta
"Airplane" - Toronto, Ontario Archive
Airplane Weathervane - McKerrow, Ontario
Alpine Horn - Smithers, British Columbia
Back to God Chapel - Bellevue, Alberta
Barbeque Chicken - Toronto, Ontario
Bean Pot Water Tower - Bow Island, Alberta
Beehive - Carlisle, Ontario
Bell Tower - Oak Lake, Manitoba
Biggest Piggy Bank in the World - Coleman, Alberta
Big Wave - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Binoculars - St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Birchbark Sign - Algonquin Park, Ontario
Black Diamond - Black Diamond, Alberta
Blossoming Boot - Gold River, British Columbia
Boot on a Roof - Duncan, British Columbia
Border Markers - Lloydminister, Alberta/Saskatchewan
Brick - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Bridge Girder - Borden-Carlton, P.E.I.
Cam Shaft Bird House - Thorold, Ontario
Canada's Hot Spot - Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan
Canadian Moments Mural - Aurora, Ontario
Canadian Flag - Falkland, British Columbia
Canal Lift Bridge - Port Colborne, Ontario
Candle - Candle Lake, Saskatchewan
Candy Cane - Port Colborne, Ontario Archive
Cannon - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Cannon - Opal, Alberta
Cannon - St. Thomas, Ontario Archive
Cape North Lighthouse - Ottawa, Ontario
Cell Phone - Toronto, Ontario
Clock Tower, Wainwright, Alberta
Crown - Coronation, Alberta
Dentures - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Diamond - Rocanville, Saskatchewan
Diefenbaker Stamp - Humboldt, Saskatchewan
Doorways of Opportunity - Yorkton, Saskatchewan
Doorways to Heaven - Evangeline Beach, Nova Scotia
Drug Store Mural - St. Andrews, New Brunswick
Easter Island Head - Toronto, Ontario
Eiffel Tower - Montmartre,  Saskatchewan
"Eiffel Tower" - Straffordville, Ontario
Elastic Band - Carter's Cove - Newfoundland and Labrador
Faces - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Archive
Figurehead - S.S. Empress of Japan - Vanvouver, British Columbia
Fire Hydrant Spectators - Chauvin, Alberta
Fishermen Rock Carving - Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
Flintstone House - Stewiacke, Nova Scotia
Fruit Basket - Mount Forest, Ontario
Giant G - Grayson, Saskatchewan
Giant Grocery Cart - Laurel, Ontario
Giant Hand - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Giant Lapel Pin - Willingdon, Alberta
Glass Bottle Church - Treherne, Manitoba
Glockenspiel - Regina, Saskatchewan
Globe - Fort St. John, British Columbia
Globe - Gronlid, Saskatchewan
Globe - Port Colborne, Ontario
Goliath - The World's Highest Swing - Langenburg, Saskatchewan
Giant Weathervane - Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Grain Elevator - Sanford, Manitoba
Grain Elevators - Champion, Alberta
Grain Elevators Bench - Red Deer, Alberta
Grain Elevator Tourist Centre - Grenfell, Saskatchewan
Great Wall of Saskatchewan - Smiley, Saskatchewan
Green Man - Barrie, Ontario
Green Man - Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Grinding Stone - Houston, British Columbia
Gun Carriage - Chippawa, Ontario
Happy Rock - Gladstone, Manitoba
Hats on Oil Tanks - Calgary, Alberta
Heart - Oak Bay, British Columbia
Hershey Bar and Kiss - Niagara Falls, Ontario
High Five - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Home of Champions Monument - Trail, British Columbia
Hotdog Stand - Balm Beach, Ontario Archive
Humpty Dumpty - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jewel of the Parkland - Roblin, Manitoba
Iceberg - Auld's Cove, Nova Scotia
Ice Cream Cone - Tillsonburg, Ontario
Ice Cream Hut - Minden, Ontario
I Love Regina Lapel Pin - Regina, Saskatchewan
Immense Mode (Shoes and Stockings) - Edmonton, Alberta
International Village Globe - Vancouver, British Columbia
Lakers Bridge - Stromness, Ontario
Large Burl - Woss, British Columbia
Large Canadian Flag - Oxbow, Saskatchewan
Large Crayon - Fort Nelson, British Columbia
Large Egg - Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
Large Outdoor Chess Set - Medicine Hat, Alberta
Largest Miniature Smith Barn Replica - Leader, Saskatchewan
Large Woven Basket - Richmond, Prince Edward Island
Largest Outdoor Historical Mural in North America - Midland, Ontario
Leaf Mobile - Oak Bay, British Columbia
Legacy - Vernon, British Columbia
L'Espace Maskoutain - Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
Licence Plate Sign - Hinton, Alberta
Light Bulb - Oshawa, Ontario
Lighthouse - Cochin, Saskatchewan
Lighthouse - Gimli, Manitoba
Lighthouse - Terrace Bay, Ontario
Lighthouse Water Tower - Humboldt, Saskatchewan
Lighthouse Water Tower - Kamsack, Saskatchewan
Lighthouse Water Tower - Kerrobert, Saskatchewan
Lighthouse Water Tower - Weyburn, Saskatchewan
Little Church - Drumheller, Alberta
Lobster Trap - Lockeport, Nova Scotia
Lobster Trap - Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Machine Gun - Weyburn, Saskatchewan
Magnet - Moncton, New Brunswick
Mammoth Cheese - Perth, Ontario Archive
Mammoth Cheese (2) - Perth , Ontario
Marbles on Portage by Erica Swendrowski - 2012 #5 - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Memorial - Ebenezer, Saskatchewan
Mile 0 Alaska Highway - Dawson Creek, British Columbia
Millenium Cross Shrine - Aberdeen, Saskatchewan
Milk Bottle Building - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Mine Head Frame - Cobalt, Ontario
Miniature Church - Ponoka, Alberta
Miniature Pioneer Grain Elevators - Earl Grey, Saskatchewan
Miniature Grain Elevators - Grenfell, Saskatchewan
Minion - Stony Plain, Alberta
Muffler - Sudbury, Ontario
Mont-Royal Cross - Montreal, Quebec
Moosehead Beer Tap - Toronto, Ontario Archive
Neighbours of the North Park - Flin Flon, Manitoba
Niagara's Best Blonde Beer Tap - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Norlund Chapel - Emo, Ontario
Open Book - Mississauga, Ontario
Opera House Cairn - Hanley, Sask
O'Reilly's Bridge Memorial - Welland, Ontario
Paintbrushes - Calgary, Alberta
Paper Plane - Calgary, Alberta
Park Patrol - Sturgis, Saskatchewan
Passage Through Time - Kapuskasing, Ontario
Paul Bunyon Bowling Ball - Drayton Valley, Alberta
Pelton Wheel Scupture, Lillooet, British Columbia
Pemican Pete - Regina, Saskatchewan
Pencil - Bracebridge, Ontario
Planet Earth - Hamilton, Ontario
Polish Commemorative - Edmonton, Alberta
Pot and Utensils - Mission, British Columbia
Purple Martin Colony - Boissevain, Manitoba
Purple Martin Tower - Deloraine, Manitoba
Rafaga - Unleashed - Hamilton, Ontario
Rainbow - Outlook, Saskatchewan
Radar - Clinton, Ontario
Red Paper Clip - Kipling, Saskatchewan
Rosary - Metchosin, British Columbia
Shoe - Parksville, British Columbia
Shoe Tree - Minden, Ontario
Shoelace Sculpture - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Shoe Tree - Orangeville, Ontario
Shoe Tree - Primrose, Ontario
Sit with Friends - Sylvan Lake, Alberta
Slingshot - Hughenden, Alberta Archive
Smiling Tooth - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Smurf Huts - Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre, Quebec
Snowflake - Kitimat, British Columbia
Snowflake - Wawota, Saskatchewan
Solar Windmilll - Vulcan, Alberta
Southern Newfoundland Seaman's Museum Mural - Grand Bank, Newfoundland and Labrador
Spinning Prairie - Estevan, Saskatchewan
Spinning Wheel - Sifton, Manitoba
Spirit Catcher - Barrie, Ontario
St Andrews Water Tower - St. Andrews, New Brunswick
Stairway to Heaven?? - Evangeline Beach, Nova Scotia
Still - Vonda, Saskatchewan
Stone Lighthouse - Port Colborne, Ontario
Stone Labyrinth - Joggins, Nova Scotia
Stone Statue - Lakefield, Ontario
Strawberry Geodome - Campbellton, Newfoundland and Labrador
Stylized Elevator - Perdue, Saskatchewan
Sky Dance - Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
Teddybear - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Telescope - Toronto, Ontario
The ?? - South River, Ontario
The Bell Measure - Windsor, Ontario
The Bra Tree - Pelee Island, Ontario
The Coffee Pot and Cup - Davidson, Saskatchewan
The Donut Mill - Red Deer, Alberta
The Giant Ice Cube Melt - North Battleford, Saskatchewan Archive
The Great Sand Hills Hanging Cowboy Boots - Sceptre, Saskatchewan
The Head, Canmore, Alberta
The Head - Nanaimo, British Columbia
The Head - Revelstoke, British Columbia
"The Odyssey" (Campbell's Soup Can and Pigeons) - Quebec City, Quebec
The Sign Post Forest - Watson Lake, Yukon
The Wall (World's Largest Photo-Mosiac) - Port Carling, Ontario
Thermometer - White River, Ontario
Thermometer 2 - White River, Ontario
Thimble - Toronto, Ontario
Tooth - Toronto, Ontario
Toy Soldiers - Toronto, Ontario
Train Sign - Warman, Saskatchewan
Transformer - Cavendish, Prince Edward Island
Transformer - Estevan, Saskatchewan
Travelling Light - Calgary, Alberta
Tribute to the Sutter Family - Viking, Alberta
Underwear - Winnipeg, Manitoba Archive
Unfeasibly Large Binoculars - Dorset, Ontario
Upside Down Church - Calgary, Alberta Archive     
Uranium Atom - Deep River, Ontario

Uranium Atom - Elliot Lake, Ontario
Uranium Atom - Rolphton, Ontario
Vase - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Village Monument - Haines Junction, Yukon
Walnut - Toronto, Ontario
Watering Can - Victoria, British Columbia
Water Tower - Holden, Alberta
Water Wheel - Fort Steele, British Columbia
Water Wheel - Quesnel, British Columbia
Wayside Chapel - Brandon, Manitoba
Western Boot with Wheels - Calgary, Alberta
Western Boots - Peterborough, Ontario
Wheelchair - Williams Lake, British Columbia
Whissell's Castle - Wakomoa Lake, Alberta
Wildlife Mural (Canada's Largest) - Dorion, Ontario
Wind Gauge - Lethbridge, Alberta
Windmill - Deadman Flats, Alberta
Windmill - Bear River, Nova Scotia Archive
Windmill - Edam, Saskatchewan
Windmill - Holland, Manitoba
Windmill - Osoyoos, British Columbia
Windmill - Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
Windmill - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
World Famous Gnome - Nanoose Bay, British Columbia
World's Largest Bathtub - Nanaimo, British Columbia
World's Largest Bunnock - Macklin, Saskatchewan
World's Largest Burl - Port McNeil, British Columbia
World's Largest Chimes - Kaslo, British Columbia Archive
World's Largest Claim Post - Cobalt, Ontario
World's Largest Cookie Jar - Deloraine, Manitoba
World's Largest Fire Hydrant - Elm Creek, Manitoba
World's Largest Hand Held Eggbeater - Lauretta, Prince Edward Island
World's Largest Lamp - Donalda, Alberta
World's Largest Maple Leaf - Millville, New Brunswick
World's Largest Tractor Weather Vane - Westlock, Alberta
World's Largest Painting on an Easel - Altona, Manitoba
World's Largest Smoking Pipe - Saint Claude, Manitoba
World's Largest/Tallest Purple Martin Colony - Neepawa, Manitoba
World's Largest Western Boot - Edmonton, Alberta
World's Second Largest Burl - Port McNeil, British Columbia

Musical Instruments    

Electric Guitar - Calgary, Alberta
Electric Guitar - Tilsonburg, Ontario
Fiddle - Cavendish, P.E.I.
Fiddle - Harvey - New Brunswick
Fiddle - Mortlach, Saskatchewan
Fiddle - Tuffnell, Saskatchewan
Guitar - Calgary, Alberta
Guitar - Craven, Saskatchewan
Guitar - Cut Knife, Saskatchewan
Guitar - Red Deer, Alberta
Guitar - Toronto, Ontario
Guitar Pick - Calgary, Alberta
Wind Flutes - Edmonton, Alberta
World's Largest Illuminated Fiddle - Sydney, Nova Scotia

Native American    

"A Place to Work and Create" - Oliver, British Columbia
Arrowhead - Avonlea, Saskatchewan
Chief Standing Moose - North Bay, Ontario Archive
Dream Catcher - Edson, Alberta Archive
Dream Catcher - Zhiibaahaasing, Ontario
Giant Arrows - Garden River, Ontario
Giant Teepee Poles - Cutler, Ontario
Glooscap - Parrsboro, Nova Scotia
Glooscap - Truro, Nova Scotia
Igloo - Smithers, British Columbia
Igloo Church - Inuvik, Northwest Territories
"Igloos" - Cochrane, Ontario
Indian Head (Omett) - Dorion, Ontario
Indian Head - Indian Head, Saskatchewan
Indian Head - Ogema, Saskatchewan
Indian Head - Rivi??re-du-Loup, Quebec
Inukshuk - Canmore, Alberta
Inukshuk - Centreville, Ontario
Inukshuk - Churchill, Manitoba
Inukshuk - Collingwood, Ontario
Inukshuk - Eagle Canyon, Ontario

Inukshuk - Golden, British Columbia
Inukshuk - Grindrod, British Columbia
Inukshuk - Hay River, Northwest Territories
Inukshuk - Inuvik, Northwest Territories
Inukshuk - Kelowna, British Columbia
Inukshuk - Kelowna, British Columbia
Inukshuk - Marmora, Ontario
Inukshuk - Port Severn, Ontario
Inukshuk - Rankin Inlet, Nunavut
Inukshuk - Seeley's Bay, Ontario
Inukshuk - Snyder, Ontario
Inukshuk - Sudbury, Ontario
Inukshuk - Thesallon, Ontario
Inukshuk - Vancouver, British Columbia
Inukshuk - Vermilion Bay, Ontario
Inuksuit - Newmarket, Ontario
Kitchikewana - Penetanguishene, Ontario
Korean Totem Poles - Airdrie, Alberta
Native American - North Bay, Ontario
Native Drum - Zhiibaahaasing, Ontario
Native Fisherman and William Orser - Hartland, New Brunswick
Native Lady - Grand Falls, New Brunswick
Native Maiden - Vermilion Bay, Ontario
Native on Horse - Massey, Ontario
Native on Horse - Toronto, Ontario
NK'Mip Man and Horse - Osoyoos, British Columbia
NK'Mip Man and Horse (2) - Osoyoos, British Columbia
Peace Pipe - Zhiibaahaasing, Ontario
Praying Indian - Fort Qu'Appelle - Saskatchewan
Prince Albert - Orangeville, Ontario
Saamis Teepee - Medicine Hat, Alberta
Skookumchuk - Skookumchuk, British Columbia
Spirit Mask - Brantford, Ontario
TeePee - Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan
TeePee - Rycroft, Alberta
Tomahawk - Lac La Hache, British Columbia
Toronto World Youth Day 2002 Inukshuk - Toronto, Ontario
Totem Pole - Jasper, Alberta
Totem Poles - Windsor, Ontario
Westbank First Nation Man and Horse - West Kelowna, British Columbia
Whispering Giant - Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba
World's Largest In Diameter Totem Pole - Duncan, British Columbia
World's Largest Inukshuk - Schomberg, Ontario
World's Largest Tomahawk - Cut Knife, Saskatchewan
World's Tallest Totem Pole - Alert Bay, British Columbia
World's Tallest Totem Pole (From a Single Tree) - Victoria, British Columbia


Alanburg Giant - Alanburg, Ontario
Albert the Lumberjack - Boiestown, New Brunswick
Alpine Archie- McCreary, Manitoba
Angus Shaw - Fur Trader - Bonnyville, Alberta
Anne of Green Gables - Borden-Carleton, P.E.I.
Babe the Blue Ox and Paul Bunyan - Blind River, Ontario
Barr Colonists Memorial - Lashburn, Saskatchewan
Big Joe Muffraw - Mattawa, Ontario
Big Woman - Taber, Alberta
Big Brother with Little Brother - Truro, Nova Scotia
Billy Barker - Quesnel, British Columbia
Blacksmith - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Bob - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Bone Gatherer - Dundurn, Saskatchewan
Brotherhood of Mankind - Calgary, Alberta
Buffalo Hunter - Craik, Saskatchewan
Bull Rider - Houston, British Columbia
Burger Cook - Penobsquis, New Brunswick
Canoe Paddler - Colonel McCormack - Baie Comeau, Quebec
Cariboo Sam - Cache Creek, British Columbia
"Choices" - Red Deer, Alberta
Coal Miner - Bellevue, Alberta
Coal Miner Memorial - Rosedale, Alberta
"Coke Man" - Sabrevois, Quebec Archive
Construction Worker - Dawson Creek, British Columbia
Cowboy - Airdrie, Alberta
Cowboy - Cochrane, Alberta
Cowboy - Longview, Alberta
Cowboy - Morris, Manitoba
Cowboy - Okanagan Falls, British Columbia
Cowboy - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Cowboy and Horse - Stavely, Alberta
Cowboy and Horse - Sturgis, Saskatchewan
Cowboy and Horse - Williams Lake, British Columbia
Cowboy in a Bathtub - Clinton, British Columbia Archive

Dancer - Fort St. John, British Columbia

David Thompson - Lac La Biche, Alberta
Depression Pete - Legal, Alberta
Dice People - Creston, British Columbia
Doctor - Toronto, Ontario
Doctors of Star Trek - Vulcan, Alberta
Edouard Beaupre - The Willow Bunch Giant - Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan
Eugene the Pipefitter - Bodo, Alberta
Farmer and Plow - Donalda, Alberta
Farmer on a Tractor - Hairy Hill, Alberta
Fathers of Confederation - Amherst, Nova Scotia
Fisherman and Fish - Campbell River, British Columbia Archive
Fisherman and Fish - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Fisherman - Boiestown, New Brunswick
Flower Gardener - Rich Valley, Alberta
Geant Antique Man - Sabrevois, Quebec
Haircut - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Hamburger Chef - Sussex, New Brunswick
Happy Hans - Kimberley, British Columbia
Hay Bale Lifters - Hays Lake, Alberta
Hay Bale Lifter - White Court, Alberta
"Heart of a Champion" Bull Rider - Williams Lake, British Columbia
Henry Fuller "Twelve Foot" Davis - Peace River, Alberta
Herbert - The Used Car Salesman - Brandon, Manitoba
Hi Neighbour Sam - Transcona, Manitoba
Gilbert the Golfer - Gilbert Plains, Manitoba
" Good Cook'n" - Canning, Nova Scotia
Goodsoil Gus the Lumberjack - Goodsoil, Saskatchewan
Gold Panner - Fort St. James, British Columbia
Guy-Paul Treefall - The Lumberjack - Iroquois Falls, Ontario
Howard Dill - Pumpkin King - Windsor, Nova Scotia
Immigrant Family - Toronto, Ontario
"Jazz Maid" Mermaid - St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Joey's Lookout - Gambo, Newfoundland and Labrador
Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin (Flinty) - Flin Flon, Manitoba
Kids - North River, Nova Scotia
King and Queen - Windsor, Ontario
King Miner - Thompson, Manitoba
King of the Apple Valley - Weston, Nova Scotia
Klondike Mike - Edmonton, Alberta
Knight - Chemainus, British Columbia Archive
Knight - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Les Chuchoteuses - Montreal, Quebec
Lesia - Ukrainian Girl - Canora, Saskatchewan
Lignite Louie - Estevan, Saskatchewan
Lobster Fisherman - Pleasant Bay, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Logger - Stanhope Township, Ontario
Logger - Squamish, British Columbia
Loggers - Sooke Town Pole - Sooke, British Columbia
Log Man - Dunnville, Ontario Archive
Lumberjack - Boiestown, New Brunswick
Lumberjack - Charlie Lake, British Columbia
Lumberjack - Chetwynd, British Columbia
Lumberjack - Hosmer, British Columbia
Lumberjack - Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan
Lumberjack - Iron Bridge, Ontario
Lumberjack - Kedgwick, New Brunswick
Lumberjack - Massey, Ontario
Lumberjack - Renfrew, Ontario
Knight - Chemainus, British Columbia Archive
Marine Captain - Prince Rubert, British Columbia
Market Farmer - Woodstock, New Brunswick
Marnevic Man - Fox Creek, Alberta
Mennonite Boy - Cambridge, Ontario
Mermaid and Child - Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Metal Golfer Putting - Calgary, Alberta
Metal Hockey Player - Calgary, Alberta
Metal Lacrosse Player - Calgary, Alberta
Metal Man - Medicine Hat, Alberta
Metal Warrior - Galahad, Alberta
Metis Fiddler and Oxcart - Davidson, Saskatchewan
Miner - Canmore, Alberta
Miner - Drumheller, Alberta
Miner - Virginiatown, Ontario
Miner Memorial - Rosedale, Alberta
Miner Monument - Schefferville, Quebec
Mountie, Prospectors and Pack Dog - Beaver Creek, Yukon
Mounties - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Moose Hunters - Thunder Bay, Ontario
Mr. Mike - Campbell River, British Columbia
Mr. Nut - Calgary, Alberta
Mr. PG - Prince George, British Columbia
Norm the Man Mailbox - Brackley, Prince Edward Island
Northwest Miner - New Hazelton, British Columbia
Northwest Mounted Police - Emerson, Manitoba
Northwest Mounted Police - Redvers, Saskatchewan
Nutcracker Soldier1 - Moncton, New Brunswick
Nutcracker Soldier2 - Moncton, New Brunswick
Oggie - Calgary, Alberta
Old Man - Bible Hill, Nova Scotia
Optimus Prime - Port Hope, Ontario
Pancake Chef - Vernon, British Columbia
Pemmican Pete - Regina, Saskatchewan
Pete the Miner - Esterhazy, Saskatchewan
Peter Fidler - Hudson Bay Surveyor - Elk Point, Alberta
Pie Chef - Armstrong, British Columbia
Pirate - Sidney, British Columbia
Pirate Skull - Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Pizza Man - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Power Ranger - Ignace, Ontario
Prospector - Ignace, Ontario
Prospector - Taylor, British Columbia
Prospector and Dog - Whitehorse, Yukon
  Prospector and Mule - Hope, British Columbia
Prospector and Mule - New Hazelton, British Columbia
Prospector and Sluice Box - Dawson City, Yukon
Prospector and Stubborn Mule - 3 Valley Gap, British Columbia
Railway Section Men - Watrous, Saskatchewan
"Reaching Out" - Red Deer Alberta
Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Fort St. James, British Columbia
Royal Canadian Mounted Police - North Battleford, Saskatchewan
Santa Claus - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Santa Claus - Watson, Saskatchewan
Scarecrow - Havelock, Ontario
Scuba Diver - Sidney, British Columbia
Sentinel Guard - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Shawnigan Shaman - Shawnigan, British Columbia
Snow People - Paradise, Nova Scotia
Soldier - Oromocto, New Brunswick
Spiderman - Ignace, Ontario
Stone Arch - Toronto, Ontario Archive
Strawberry Man - Burlington, Prince Edward Island
Strawberry Man - Great Village, Nova Scotia
"Strong on  Farming" - St. Claude, Manitoba
Sunny Man - Sooke, British Columbia
Surveyor and Cart - Chamberlain, Saskatchewan
Teamster and Horse - Massey, Ontario
The Angler and the Fish - Thunder Bay, Ontario
The Chef - Mariana Lakes, Alberta Archive
The Joker - Ignace, Ontario
The Mariner - Auld's Cove - Nova Scotia
The Miner - Elliot Lake, Ontario
The Peddler - Fredericton Junction, New Brunswick
The Ploughman - Brigden, Ontario
Tinman - Barrhead, Alberta
Tin Man - Hearst, Ontario
Tin Man - Love, Saskatchewan
Tire Man - Chinook, Alberta Archive
Tire Man - Daphne, Saskatchewan
Tire Man - Grassland, Alberta
Tire Man - Milverton, Ontario Archive
Tire Man - Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Tire Man - Rimbey, Alberta Archive
Tireman - Youngstown, Alberta
Tire People? - Daphne, Saskatchewan
Tire Person 1 - Dewberry, Alberta
Tire Person 2 - Dewberry, Alberta
Traffic Circle Surveyor - Dawson City, British Columbia
Train Conductor - McAdam, New Brunswick
Trapper - The Pas, Manitoba
UFA Worker - Valleyview, Alberta
Uncle Sam - Fort Erie, Ontario
Upper Skeena Logger - New Hazelton, British Columbia
Veteran Monument - Berwick, Nova Scotia
Viking - Gimli, Manitoba
Viking - North Burnaby, British Columbia
Waiting for Gordon - Red Deer, Alberta
Waving Farmer on Tractor - Dinsmore, Saskatchewan
Wooden Man - Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia Archive
"Woodie" - Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia
Wonderland - Calgary, Alberta
World's Largest Tin Soldier - New Westminster, British Columbia
Young Lady Fishing - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Voyageur - Mattice, Ontario
Voyageur - Plaster Rock, New Brunswick
Voyageurs - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario


Alix the Village Gator - Alix, Alberta
Ernie - Canada's Largest Turtle - Turtleford, Saskatchewan
Gecko - Markham Village, Ontario Archive
Giant Frog - Regina, Saskatchewan
Sam and Sara - The Garter Snakes - Inwood, Manitoba
Singing Frog - Quebec City, Quebec
Tommy The Turtle - Boissevain, Manitoba
Turtle - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Snowmen     Table

Snowman - Norval, Ontario
Snom'n - Toronto, Ontario
Snowman - Kenaston, Saskatchewan
Polar Bear and Snowman - St. Stephen, New Brunswick
World's Largest Snowman - Beardmore, Ontario


Baseball - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Baseball and Bat - Calgary, Alberta
Baseball and Bat - Cranbrook, British Columbia
Baseball Bat - Battleford, Saskatchewan Archive
Baseball Bat - Edmonton, Alberta
Baseball Cap - Rocanville, Saskatchewan
Baseball Glove - Calgary, Alberta Archive
Boxing Gloves - Toronto, Ontario
Baseballs - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Boxing Gloves - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Bowling Pin - Calgary, Alberta
Calgary Flames Goalie Mask - Calgary, Alberta
Candlepin - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Archive
Curling Stone - Thunder Bay, Ontario
Curling Stone - Kelowna - British Columbia
Fish Hook - Blackville, New Brunswick
Football out of Wall - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Giant Hockey Puck - Kirkland Lake, Ontario
Golf Ball - Calgary, Alberta
Golf Ball - Leader, Saskatchewan Archive

Golf Ball - Taylor, British Columbia
Golf Ball and Tee - Peachland, British Columbia
Hockey Cards - Kelvington, Saskatchewan
Hockey Sticks - Dawson Creek, British Columbia
Largest Baseball Glove - Heisler, Alberta
Play in the Extreme - Manitouwadge Turnoff, Ontario
Stanley Cup - Edmonton, Alberta
Susie the World's Largest Softball - Chauvin, Alberta
World's Largest Badminton Racket - St. Albert, Alberta
World's Largest Curling Rock - Arborg, Manitoba
World's Largest Fly Rod - Houston, British Columbia
World's Largest Golf Bag - Orangeville, Ontario
World's Largest Golf Tee - Trochu, Alberta
World's Largest Hockey Stick and Puck - Duncan, British Columbia
World's Largest Putter - Bow Island, Alberta
World's Largest X Country Skis, 100 Mile House, British Columbia

Transportation    Table

Aircraft - Welland, Ontairo Archive
Airplane - Sauble Beach, Ontario
Airplane Tail - Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador
Airplane Wing Sign - Shearwater, Nova Scotia
Alaska Hi-Way Truck in the Sky - Fort St. John, British Columbia
Ancaster Tug Boat - Owen Sound, Ontario
Anchor - Holland Landing, Ontario
Anchor - St. John, New Brunswick
Anchor - St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Anchor - Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Antique Tractor - Austin, Manitoba
Antique Tractor - Grandview, Manitoba
Antique Tractor - Whitby, Ontario
Antique Underground Coal Train - Canmore, Alberta
B737 - Villeneuve, Alberta
BA Gas Station - Newtonville, Ontario
1967 Barracuda - Brandon, Manitoba
Beech 18 on Floats - Ignace, Ontario
Big Bike - Taber, Alberta
Boat and Lighthouse - Grand Bank, Newfoundland and Labrador
Buffalo and Cart - Girvin, Saskatchewan
'59 Caddy - Toronto, Ontario
Capone's Car - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Car in Building - Airdire, Alberta Archive
Car in Building - Regina, Saskatchewan
Car out of Building - Toronto, Ontario
Car Sticking in the Ground - Estevan, Saskatchewan
Caterpillar in the Sky - Melfort, Saskatchewan
Caterpiller 789 Dump Truck - Fermont, Quebec
Chuckwagon Racer - St. Walburg, Saskatchewan
Cockburn Pointer Boat - Pembroke, Ontario
Cockshutt 400 Tractor - Irma, Alberta
Combine in the Sky - Allan, Saskatchewan
Combines on Parade  Smoky Lake, Alberta
Canoe - Longlac, Ontario
Chicken Truck - Raglan, Ontario
Convair Atlas Rocket - Ottawa, Ontario
Covered Wagons and Teepees - Powassan, Ontario
CT114 Beechcraft Musketeer - Brockville, Ontario
Damaged Airplane Propeller - Watson Lake, Yukon
'49 Dodge Super Deluxe Coupe - Sudbury, Ontario
Dodge D-50 - Two Hills, Alberta Archive
Firebird on a Pole - Elmvale, Ontario
Flinty Rides a Submarine - Flin Flon, Manitoba
Flintstone Car - Middle Lake, Saskatchewan
Giant Tricycle - Altona, Manitoba
1930 GM Truck in the Sky - Cudworth, Saskatchewan
Grounded Trucks - Waldheim, Saskatchewan
Heritage Truck - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Horse and Buggy - Luseland, Saskatchewan
Horse and Chuckwagon - Ponoka, Alberta
Horse Drawn Wagon Hearse - Eastport, Newfoundland and Labrador
Horseshoe Bay Propeller - Whytecliff, British Columbia
HMCS Magnificent Anchor - Moncton, New Brunswick
John Deere Tractor and Pull-Type Combine - Irma, Alberta
John Deere Tractor in the Sky - Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan
Junkers W34 Float Plane - Fort St. James, British Columbia
Keno - Paddlewheel Boat - Dawson City, Yukon
Large Wagon Wheel and Pick - Fort Assiniboine, Alberta
Lectra Haul - Asbestos, Quebec
Logging Truck in the Sky - Gwynne, Alberta
  Luiggi's Truck - Regina, Saskatchewan
Mack Truck - Temiskaming Shores, Ontario
Mack Truck on a Pole - Owen Sound, Ontario
Massey 21 Combine - Grande Prairie, Alberta
Metal Ship - Saint-Jacques, New Brunswick
1956 Meteor Weather Vane - Graysville, Manitoba
Metis Fiddler and Oxcart - Davidson, Saskatchewan
Mini on Wall - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Model Airplanes - Hampton, Ontario
Motorcycler - Tadoussac, Quebec
Motorcycle Tower - Craik, Saskatchewan
Murray Canal Tug - Carrying Place, Ontario
Noah's Ark - Cobden, Ontario
Noah's Ark - Florenceville, New Brunswick
'55 Olds 88 - London, Ontario
55 Oldsmobile - Melville, Saskatchewan
Old Fire Fighting Equipment - Spruce Lake, Saskatchewan
Ore Haul Truck #3 - Faro, Yukon
Ox and Cart - Altona, Manitoba
Ox and Cart - Aylesbury, Saskatchewan
Ox Cart - Oak Lake, Manitoba
Ox and Cart - Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan
Ox Cart - Selkirk, Manitoba
Ox Cart - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Paddlewheel - Whitehorse, Yukon
Patricia the Tug Boat - Ear Falls, Ontario
Pioneer Ox Cart - Arden, Manitoba
Police Patrol Car - Cainsville, Ontario Archive
"Portage" - La Ronge - Saskatchewan
Propellers - Parry Sound, Ontario
Radar - Clinton, Ontario
Railroad Jigger - Oliver, British Columbia
Railroad Jigger - Schreiber, Ontario
Rail Spike - St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec
Red Canoe - Toronto, Ontario
Rocket - Calgary, Alberta
Rocket - Cambridge, Ontario
1931 Rolls Royce - Steinbach, Manitoba

Rubble Car - Middle Lake, Saskatchewan
Sail - Kelowna, British Columbia
Self Storage Space Rocket - St. Albert, Alberta
Semi-Truck in the Sky - Melfort, Saskatchean Archive
Shipmast - Hamilton, Ontario
Ship Propeller - Prince Rubert, British Columbia
Ship Propeller - Port Colborne, Ontario
Skidoo Tree - Val Gagn??, Ontario
Snow Plane - Spy Hill, Saskatchewan
Sound the Alarm - Red Deer, Alberta
Sukanen Ship - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Super Connie's Airplane Bar - Mississauga, Ontario Archive
Teenie 2 Aircraft - Trenton, Ontario
The Silver Bullet - Orangeville, Ontario Archive
The Titan - World's Largest Truck - Sparwood, British Columbia
"Tintin" Rocket - Batiscan, Quebec
Train - Grandview, Manitoba
Train - Hines Creek, Alberta
Train - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Tractor - Borden, Saskatchewan
Tractor on a Pole - Irricana, Alberta
Tractor Wheel - Gull Lake, Saskatchewan
Truck - Prince George, British Columbia
Truck and Trailer on Roof - Burlington, Ontario
Truck Face - Airdrie, Alberta
Truck on a Pole - Irricana, Alberta
Tugboat - Haileybury, Ontario
Viking Ship - Erickson, Manitoba
Viking Ship - Viking, Alberta
Vintage Car on a Pole - Osler, Saskatchewan
Volkswagen on Roof - Campbell River, British Columbia
Voyageur Canoe - French River, Ontario
Wabco 250 Ton Haulage Truck - Logan Lake, British Columbia
Wing Car - Provost, Alberta Archive
Wire Airplane - Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wire Biplane - Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wire Concorde- Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wire Float Plane - Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wire Helicopter - Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wooden Ship - Lewisporte, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wooden Ship - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Wooden Train - Grimsby, Ontario Archive
Wooden Train - Nardam, Alberta
Wooden Train and Elevator - Opal, Alberta
Wooden Train - Swastika - Ontario
Wooden Train - Virgil, Ontario Archive
World's Largest Chuckwagon - Dewberry, Alberta
World's Largest Paddle - Parson, British Columbia
World's Largest Railroad Spike - Hines, Creek, Alberta
World's Largest Wagon Wheel - Fisher Branch, Manitoba
York Canoe - Prince Albert, Saskatchewan


Big Cactus - Taber, Alberta
Black-Eyed Susan - Hughenden, Alberta
Cacti - Balzac, Alberta
Cactus - Biggar, Saskatchewan
Cactus - Breslau, Ontario
Cactus - Nakusp, British Columbia
Canola (Rapeseed) Plant - Maidstone, Saskatchewan
Carrot Campaign Statue - Port Hardy, British Columbia
Cattails - Morse, Saskatchewan
Cornstalks - Taber, Alberta
Crocuses - Arden, Manitoba
Crocuses - Daysland, Alberta
Desert Flower - Grimsby Beach, Ontario
Flowers - Endiang, Alberta
Giant Rose - Inglis, Manitoba Archive
Harvey's Big Potato - Maugerville, New Brunswick
Lady Potato - Grand Falls, New Brunswick
Lilies - Chamberlain, Saskatchewan
Lilies - Melville, Saskatchewan
Lilies - Parkside, Saskatchewan
Lilies - Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Lily - Avonlea, Saskatchewan
Lily - Balcarres, Saskatchewan
Maple Leaf Shelter - Charlottetown, P. E. I.
Mushrooms - Meleb, Manitoba
Mushrooms - Vilna, Alberta
Oat Stem, Ituna - Saskatchewan
Pea Plant - Blairmore (formerly St. Isidore-de-Blairmore), Saskatchewan
Pinto MacBean - Bow Island, Alberta
Poppy Memorial - Baie Comeau, Quebec
Potato - Fredericton, New Brunswick
Potato - O'Leary, Prince Edward Island
Prairie Lily - Weyburn, Saskatchewan
Pumpkin - Roland, Manitoba
Pumpkins - Smoky Lake, Alberta
Red Kidney Bean - Saint-Joseph, Manitoba
Rose - Roseisle - Manitoba
Rose - Sandy Lake - Manitoba
Sammy and Samantha - The Potatoes - Vauxhall, Alberta
Sunflower - Altona, Manitoba
Sunflower - Balcarres, Saskatchewan
Sunflower - Bow Island, Alberta
Sunflower - Charlottetown, P. E. I.
Sunflower - Minitonas, Manitoba
Sunflower - Thorhild, Alberta
Sunflower/Man Mailbox - Brackley, P.E.I. Archive
The Almost Tallest Rose in the World - Kelowna, British Columbia
Tiger Lily - Redcliff, Alberta
Tomato Tourist Information Booth - Leamington, Ontario
Tulips and Beetle - Calgary, Alberta
Wheat Sculptures - Weyburn, Saskatchewan
Wheat Sheaf - Rosthern, Saskatchewan
Wheat Stalks - Gull Lake, Saskatchewan
Wheat Stalks - Melville, Saskatchewan
Wheat Stalks - Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Wheat Stalks - Sceptre, Saskatchewan
World's Largest Fiddleheads - Plaster Rock, New Brunswick


Angry Combine - Biggar, Saskatchewan
Ballarat Gold Mine Gold Pan - Barkerville, British Columbia
Big Berta - Portable Tree Spar - Terrace, British Columbia
195B Bucyrus Erie Shovel - Logan Lake, British Columbia
Coal Cart - Mankota, Saskatchewan
Cowboy Pumpjack - Caroline, Alberta
Cream Can - Markerville, Alberta
Decorated Threshing Machine - Hazelton, British Columbia
Dingman #1 Oil Derrick - Turner Valley, Alberta
Dredge #4 - Dawson City, Yukon
Farm Plow - Riverton, Manitoba
Fisherman's Memorial Needle - Richmond, British Columbia
Fly Wheel - 100 Mile House, British Columbia
Foundry Ladle - Troy, Ontario
Gang Saw - 100 Mile House, British Columbia
Horse Drawn Grader - Boiestown, New Brunswick
Horse Pulling Logs - Longlac, Ontario
Gold Pans - Carcross, Yukon
Imperial Leduc #1 Oil Derrick - Edmonton, Alberta
Large Lawnmower - Enderby- British Columbia
Large Wood Clamp - Floradale, Ontario Archive
Little Chicago - Royalties #1 - Longview, Alberta
Logging Arch - 100 Mile House, British Columbia
Marion Dragline Bucket - Estevan, Saskatchewan
Marion 7400 Dragline Bucket - Forestburg, Alberta
Marion Dragline Bucket - Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia
Marion 360 Stripping Shovels - Forestburg, Alberta
Miners Memorial - Grande Cache, Alberta
Miners Memorial - Kirkland Lake, Ontario
Mining Shaft Cage and Bucket - Virginiatown (Township of McGarry), Ontario
Mining Heritage Sculpture - Sudbury, Ontario
Mining Memorial - Elliot Lake, Ontario
Noble Blade - Nobleford, Alberta
Northern Ontario Logging Memorial - Blind River, Ontario
Paint Can - Goderich, Ontario
Peerless Self Oiling Lombardi Steam Engine - Boiestown, New Brunswick
Oil Can - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Oil Derrick - Bow Island, Alberta
Oil Derrick - Estevan, Saskatchewan
Oil Derrick - Fort St. John, British Columbia
Oil Derrick - Virden, Manitoba Archive
Oil Derricks - Drayton Valley, Alberta
Oil Pumpjack - Champion, Alberta
Oil Pumpjack - Fairview, Alberta
Oil Rig - Fernie, British Columbia
Oil Rig - Fox Creek, Alberta Archive
Paint Can - Cranbrook, British Columbia
Paint Can - Goderich, Ontario
Pincers - Pincher Creek, Alberta
Pitchfork - Regina, Saskatchewan
Potash Borer - Esterhazy, Saskatchwan
Rake - Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Saw Blades - Jade City, British Columbia
7AU Sullivan Universal Coal Cutter - East Coulee, Alberta
Sheave Wheel - Esterhazy, Saskatchewan
Sheave Wheel - Malagash, Nova Scotia
Steamshovel - Sudbury, Ontairo
Steamshovel and Truck - St. Joseph Island Turnoff, Ontario
Stone Bulldozer - Miller Lake, Ontario
Tom Creek Steam Shovel - Fort St. James, British Columbia
Two-Man Crosscut Saw - Hearst, Ontario
Underground Coal Cars - Springhill, Nova Scotia
Under the Helmet - Calgary, Alberta
Water Wheel - Clinton, British Columbia
Wooden Walking Beam Oil Pump - Wainwright, Alberta
World's Largest Axe - Nackawic, New Brunswick
Warld's Largest Chain Saw - Lillooet, British Columbia
World's Largest Gold Pan - Burwash Landing, Yukon
World's Largest Gold Pan - Quesnel, British Columbia
World's Largest Oil Can - Rocanville, Saskatchewan
World's Largest Oil Derrick - Redwater, Alberta
World's Largest Tree Crusher - Mackenzie, British Columbia
World's Tallest Tripod Orchard Ladder - Summerland, British Columbia
Wrench - Rock Creek, British Columbia

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